The Data Layer: A Catalyst For Digital Transformation

May 23, 2018

Global heads of technology and marketing know that having access to high quality customer data is the key to making strategic business decisions. Data collection affects everything a brand does – from customer experience, applications, reporting, retention, conversions and more. And having a solid and strategic data layer in place has downstream benefits for it all and truly becomes the catalyst for overall business transformation.

Jay Calavas, CIO at Tealium and Nick Bennett, President at Napkyn Analytics, recently did a webinar on “The Data Layer: A Catalyst For Digital Transformation”.

Watch the on-demand webinar and learn how to standardize data collection by way of a data layer as well as see the 6 key ways to use a data layer to drive digital transformation and evolve your martech stack.

Top best practices and example benefits provided under each of the key ways during the webinar included:

Governance & Data Control

  • Best Practice: Enforce the use of the data layer for access to all real time data required for martech. Use the data layer as a real time test case against expected values, in real time or in aggregate, for better data governance and control.
  • Example Benefit: Organizations that use a data layer for this purpose can benefit from a significantly faster pixel deployment time.

Internal & External Policy Compliance

  • Best Practice: Use standard naming conventions to identify the sensitivity of data in a data layer, and track the exposure of specified data within user sessions.
  • Example Benefit: Lockdown sensitive information about revenue or the customer to prevent it from leaking to third party marketing.

Infrastructure Transformation

  • Best Practice: Use the data layer before and after a digital transformation as a self-documented test scenario and for success criteria.
  • Example Benefit: Launch a brand new website (front and back end) with zero concern for data quality, and for understanding improvements – i.e did this make conversion rates better?

Watch the on-demand webinar and digitally transform your martech stack today!