Filling in the Missing Pieces: Data Appends

October 18, 2019

Every month about 3% of customer data becomes obsolete due to changing conditions. Customers move, get married, change names, pass away, or leave the grid in search of a simple life in the woods. Whatever the reason, this fact is why marketers are always in need of updated and accurate customer contact information. They can either obtain this information by searching for sufficient data or purchasing new data. These options can lead to time lost, money wasted and absolutely no guarantee that the information you have purchased is real. Data Appends is the best solution for marketers who need to fill in the missing or outdated information in their data lists.

But What is Reverse Data Appending?

While Reverse Data Appending is not an “official” industry term, it typically refers to customer data that only includes email addresses. Reverse Data Appending can add matching names and postal mailing addresses to your existing data, among other data sets. This not only gives you more options for contacting your customers, but also allows for even further segmentation. Now you’ll have geographic information and can market to them via direct mail. According to the experts, “businesses can witness an average increase of 30% in their ROI while using email appending in their marketing campaign”.

Updating your Email Data

It is important to update your data lists frequently; sending to a list that is even 4 to 6 months old opens you up to considerable risks, including spam traps, disposable domains, and poor conversions. If you fail to keep up with your data lists, you will lose the existing customers and will also tarnish your opportunity to attract new customers. Data Appends and Reverse Data Appends give you more information about your customers and contacts, allowing you more flexibility when it comes to marketing and communication.

Best Practices

Appending your data will help freshen up your lists with updated and accurate information like name, phone number, email address, and mailing address, as well as information such as interests, hobbies, financials, mortgage, political, and other specific data. Data Appends and Reverse Data Appends can help you communicate with your audience more smoothly. It also can…

  • Add missing information ranging from names, phone numbers, and email addresses to interests and hobbies.
  • Give you a better understanding of your customers and prospects with more complete information at your fingertips.
  • Boost your response rate by eliminating emails to invalid or outdated addresses.
  • Keep your data clean, which can help increase deliverability and avoid landing in spam folders.
  • Give you options for segmented and personalized marketing and communications based on enhanced data.

Why Webbula insightData Appends?

When it comes to appending your existing data, there is simply no other option that compares to Webbula insightData. Our data is constantly updated and certified with our industry-leading cloudHygiene filters that ensure accuracy and mitigate potential fraud, creating a truth-set that is unparalleled. Because of the strength of our dataVault, we are able to cross-reference against a greater variety of fields that often go back in time over a decade. At Webbula our passion is truth in data and we strive for the utmost quality, always choosing it above quantity.

How does insightData Appending work?


Grow and enhance your customer list through Webbula’s insightData append solution so you can understand your customers, their interests, and cross-channel behaviors while adding missing information like emails, addresses, phone numbers, and demographic segments. Deliver relevant ads at the right time to the most relevant audiences with industry-leading, premium data quality.

Visit Webbula’s insightData page to learn more. You can request a free trial to see how our data can help your business grow. Webbula insightData is just one of the reasons Webbula is THE Data Quality Expert.