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May 3, 2017

Vendors Bundle Services with Technology, Or Not

Deloitte Digital Buys Web Decisions to Expand Customer Management Skills


One of the trends we keep an eye on is tech consultancies adding expertise in data-driven marketing. Deloitte has connected another dot by purchasing the assets of Web Decisions, a Greensboro, NC-based firm providing data management and marketing services. It will enhance Deloitte Digital’s “Customer Experience Value” offering, cleverly abbreviated as CXv, which Deloitte describes as “a new model for a new age – a creative digital consultancy.” I'm excited.

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Yieldify Adds $6 Million Funding and New Chairman

PR Newswire

Yieldify also helps marketers with technology plus services. Their specialties are on-site Web messages and email remarketing, recently productized as the “Yieldify Conversion Platform” (no acronym). The company just took a $6 million Series B funding, adding to a $11.5 million Series A in 2015. It also took on a new chairman, John Giuliani, who previously held senior positions at madtech heavyweights including Conversant, Dotomi, and Catalina Marketing.

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Alterian Launches Its Latest Campaign Manager

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Marketers who want to do things for themselves can buy software from vendors like Alterian, which re-emerged as an independent company last November. It has just released the 6.0 version of its Campaign Manager, which apparently went to college and became an “Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform”.  Alterian describes it as “a single tool for all marketing channels” but that’s a bit of an overstatement: while the system has its own database and analytics, it only sends messages in email. Other channels rely on external systems to deliver messages chosen by Alterian’s real-time decision engine.

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