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January 3, 2019

People Issues Block Big Data Success

People Issues Block Big Data Success: NewVantage Partners Survey

NewVantage Partners

Short of randomly asking “But will it scale?” you can always sound smart in a meeting by saying the real challenge is people, not technology. Here’s proof: a survey of Fortune 1000 executives from tech advisors NewVantage Partners, which found that 95% of respondents cited cultural factors as blocking big data adoption, compared with just 5% citing technology. You can almost hear the teeth grind as fewer claimed measurable results than in last year’s survey.

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Experience Enhancement Tops List of Analytics Applications: InfoSys Study


If you want a much deeper dive into analytics adoption, InfoSys has released a much larger and wonderfully detailed study of big company executives around the world. They cited data integration as the biggest challenge and customer experience enhancement as the most common application. My kind of people.

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50% of Companies Looking for a Unified Data Platform: Corinium Digital Research


Here’s yet another study on the topic, from research agency Corinium Digital. Respondents were lower down in their organizations and perhaps had a more hands-on view. Fifty percent said they’re looking to build or buy a unified platform to assemble analytical data. A frightening 69% said data quality problems make them less than fully confident in their current analytical results. Weird graphics in this one.

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