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February 6, 2017

Cross Device Data Vendors Play Nicely with Others

Nielsen Marketing Cloud Connects to RichRelevance for Better Personalization


Let's list marketing cloud vendors: Adobe, Salesforce, Oracle, IBM and…Nielsen? Who knew? The Nielsen cloud was announced last April (no, not on April 1).  As you might expect, the Nielsen cloud is mostly about data, including cross-device profiles, a Data Management Platform for audience creation, and several types of analytics. It feeds data to other systems for execution.  Nielsen just announced a connector for personalization vendor RichRelevance. It will provide demographics, interest, and intent data on otherwise new and anonymous Web site visitors so that RichRelevance can tailor their treatments..

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Tapad Cross Device Data Expands Reach of Rubicon Project


Speaking of cross-device profiles, Tapad recently announced its cross-device linkages will be used within the Rubicon Project ad exchange. The will allow Rubicon users to target individuals across devices. Tapad also announced a partnership with Dextro Analytics, an analytics services company which will use the Tapad data to better track customer journeys across channels.

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Tru Optik and Kantar Millward Brown Partner to Measure OTT TV Ad Results

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Eager for more cross-device excitement?  Try this: Tru Optik, which launched its own Marketing Cloud last month, announced a partnership with media research agency Kantar Millward Brown for sales attribution. Tru Optik captures data about viewers of Over the Top (OTT) television, which is the programming you stream over the Internet. The alliance will combine OTT ad exposures from Tru Optik with sales results gathered by Kantar to measure ad results.

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